Company training with acontatto

acontatto was founded in 1997 in Germany and grows professionally with success, offering high-qualified language trainings for small, medium and large companies.

Being the only Italian PDL training center, acontatto,  benefitting from these abroad experiences and know-how,  offers high qualified training respecting all  European standards.

acontatto exceeds explicitely the limits of a classic language course, thanks to the applied training methods and tecniques.



A pedagogy of being

The Psychodramaturgy for Language Acquisition (PDL) was thought  up by the french pedagogists Dr. Bernard and Marie Dufeu. This innovative method for learning and communicating in a foreign language was inspired by the Morenian psychodrama, dramaturgy, the verbotonal method and other modern communication approaches, and is a real and effective pedagogy.



Advantages for your company

+ One course with different training methods, normally only separately purchaseable
including 5 courses in 1 permits to reduce drammatically costs, organisation and learning time
+ concrete results right from the first learning phases
+ expert team for organisation and rapid execution of high qualified specific language courses for small, medium and large companies



Our portfolio

  • PDL intensive courses for Italian, German, English, and other languages on demand
  • individual, tandem or group units
  • courses inherent to specific sectors at Malcesine or on-site
  • check-up of company needs, also on-site, followed by detailed training proposals
  • pre-evaluation of linguistic knowckledges by individual interviews and written tests, also on-site
  • high qualified trainer-team, permanently on training, also abroad

5 courses in 1

  1. language course, where to learn, how to speak in a natural and authentic way a foreign language, right from the beginning
  2. communication course, where to develop competences and fundamental skills for a real interaction in every language, even the own.
  3. a course for verbal, paraverbal and non-verbal communication, to enhance the own expressivity, to set up a good pronounciation and intonation, and use the own voice as a key competence for professional success
  4. a course to get through the blocks which might hold back the foreign language conversation, a course that helps to acquire more self-confidence
  5. a course to enhance creativity and memory, as well as relaxation, where learning becomes enjoying

...all this in only one course